There are two types of teachers.

The first one teaches you how to learn. Teachers in this category focus on foundational skills like reasoning, analysis, discernment, questioning, thirst for knowledge and information gathering. They may not be adept at providing knowledge, but they excel at showing you how to look for and properly apply it. You are lucky if you encountered such a teacher in primary school. You were set for life.

The second type of teacher provides information. These teachers assume your foundation has been built and so do not spend a lot of time on first principles. They expect you to understand the generally agreed meanings of words & concepts and that you know how to use Google. Their job is to make inaccessible knowledge accessible and to move you from where you are to where you ought to be; to fire you to action, so to speak.

I am the second type of teacher.

I love to make inaccessible knowledge accessible and to make people think. Click To Tweet