Culture is deep. At its extreme, it is a mindset and willfulness. It is not just a harmless celebration of values, customs, clothing, music, language or food. What was it about the culture of lineage that caused (biblical) Lot’s daughters to sleep with their father, in order to produce heirs? What was it that caused Tamar to sleep with her father-in-law? We may not relate to such calculations, because it is not our culture. Or is it? We have baby factories in eastern Nigeria.

It is incredibly dangerous to play with the practical realities of culture. If you are not ideologically suited to someone, be careful not to bind your life to theirs.

Culture evolves into what a society nurtures and permits over time. Like our nation’s culture of corruption, materialism, patriarchy and oppression. We jettison values, norms, language and even religion for profit and power; thus making nonsense of those who still assume Nigeria’s culture is sacrosanct.

Culture evolves into what we nurture over time; like Nigeria's culture of corruption. Click To Tweet