When was the last time you felt unbridled joy? The type that makes you young again and stops you from falling asleep, even when you’re tired.

Have you begun a conversation with someone knowing intuitively that both of you would be friends for a long time? You wondered how they could understand the things you know so effortlessly, and could identify so naturally. What a close connection you two have.

You now live each day in a state of excitement because they are going to call or send you a message. And the dialogue! It takes you places.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re discussing the weather or logistics. You are just happy because laughter finds a way to creep in. This person makes you laugh from your belly to the tip of your toes.

Planning for Two Instead of One

You can’t help but dream of a life with this person because you want the friendship to last forever. You yearn for it not just on the phone or in a restaurant, but in the comfort of a shared home and conjoined life. And, you dream of them always being there.

In fact, when you consider future plans, it’s hard to make decisions without their input. That’s because you want what works for the two of you and not just yourself alone.

There’s something about this person. They not only fit inside your world, but they’ve opened up a completely new one too; providing a doorway to bigger dreams. You are constantly learning something new.

Genuine Intimacy

The physical intimacy is otherworldly, and the stuff of every romance novel you’ve read. But you expected it because it’s an extension of your verbal conversations. Everything leading up to it was just foreplay. And you’re completely comfortable. No shame, just play.

This is the magic and beauty of love. It is the promise of home and belonging. Adventure and endless wonder. Beginnings that have no endings.

When you find love, do well to pursue, nurture and protect it with all your heart.

I wish you a splendid time.

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