I read a blog post that said the title, Home Manager, is a more politically correct term for Butler. Apparently, Butler seems archaic and too subservient.

In some climes, Butler is even replaced with Personal Assistant (PA) on recruiting platforms in an attempt to make the role “executive” in nature. But the title does not make the person. I believe you bring dignity to whatever your hand finds to do.


Let’s look at some definitions though. A Home Manager is typically responsible for a celebrity’s or executive’s home and family. When the role is split from that of an EA, they rarely handle things like booking meetings or official travel. They only help the busy principal to run their home and personal life. Roles include picking up kids when necessary, or buying birthday gifts and organizing family vacations.

The role of Home Manager is essential for principals who have large or multiple homes and numerous many employees. Additionally, the principal may entertain guests frequently, or alternatively, they may wish to reclaim the time they would ordinarily dedicate to domestic tasks, opting instead to spend it directly with loved ones.

Home management can be on many levels. For Instance, Kim Kardashian was famously a closet organizer for Paris Hilton, and wasn’t a PA as was widely reported in the news.

Cultural Doorways

Some Home Managers have described how the job is an incredible platform for cultural exposure. It’s like being given access to a world they would otherwise not be invited to. And many learnt from it, without betraying extreme discretion and confidentiality, of course.

Indeed, there are cultural nuances and success secrets that can only be picked up in person.

Process Matters

Are you an executive considering hiring a Home Manager or Personal Assistant? (I’ll use the term Assistant to cover either role.) In this digital age, at a very practical level, you’ll need a password management app.

This is because your Assistant often needs access to bank accounts or cards, home security codes, shopping apps and so on. Even your social media accounts in some cases. When they leave your employment, you can rescind access without the inconvenience of changing all your passwords.

In some cases, 2FA will be held by someone else that’s distinct from your Assistant. This introduces a Chinese Wall.

Be Open-Minded

If you’re considering an Assistant position, be open-minded. Take the job with a willingness to learn and to serve. Discretion is non-negotiable while your effectiveness will be measured by how little you need to be managed.

Even if the role is temporary for you, and a stepping stone or learning stage, still give it your best. Stewardship matters everywhere you go.

In the event your time is up and you intend to leave your principal, ensure you provide the requisite notice and efficiently hand over to your successor. It’s the right thing to do.

I wish you all the best.

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Even if the role is temporary for you, and a stepping stone or learning stage, still give it your best. Click To Tweet

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