Welcome to a new day. One that’s defined by peace and clarity, not fear or uncertainty.

You’ve decided to jump off a cliff with God. You are looking at things that are seen but believing in what is unseen.

Though you’re not in charge of your life anymore, it’s okay. After all, the emptiness and boredom have given way to joy and anticipation. It’s a fair trade and you’re moving forward.

That’s reason enough to rejoice. To scream at the top of your lungs, “I am finally free”!

Your Desires are Valid

Do you know that God gave you your desires for a reason? That feeling of dissatisfaction and clinging to a dream? That’s why you can almost feel your future now. It’s so loud, you can hear it coming.

Can you see how your desires are urging you to learn more? There’s all this new stuff that you’re now reading and trying. You are growing by leaps and bounds. Your future is being written in the stars, as God places his hands in yours.

You Won’t Quit

Because you’re desperate to break the status quo, you keep picking yourself up and going, despite the failures. You have caught a glimpse of what can be so, you’re no longer satisfied with what used to be.

Do not be afraid. Again, I say, do not be afraid. God is neither wicked nor does he take delight in your sorrow and pain. You deserve to be happy and that is a worthy goal in itself. Your prayers don’t need to be answered by God because of a great mandate. Making you happy is enough. You are that special.

My Prayer for You

As you approach the new year, I would like to speak into your future from the depths of my heart.

Things will no longer be impossible, my dear. You will create a way where there seems to be no way.

Kindness will of course find you. Your self-worth will be obvious to all who come across you. Your genius will shine like a million stars.

You will thrive and grow; win and succeed. And the exciting thing? You will achieve all of this from a cocoon of love, friendship and companionship. You will never be alone.

Have a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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You are growing by leaps and bounds. Your future is being written in the stars, as God places his hands in yours. Click To Tweet

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