If you spend too much time reading all the comments to your social media posts, you will allow toxicity into your soul. Learn to focus on your target audience. Write for them and selectively ignore everyone else.

Constructive feedback will find its way to you. Those who really care about you, know how to reach you. The comments that are worth your while, always begin constructively. Those that are not manifest from the first line. Those are the ones you should “unlook”. Those that specialise in abuse and bile.

The few times I trended on Twitter for the things I wrote, so many people called to ask after me. Many, out of genuine concern. I eventually confessed to my friends that I only read a few of the negative comments. Immediately I saw the vitriolic trend of the comments, I entered unlook mode.

People can only hurt you if you invite them in. You should lock the door to your soul on social media.

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