The “gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” God has never changed his mind about or withdrawn the gifts he gave me, because I annoyed him.

Sometimes, we have a transactional perspective of sin. It isn’t something that is paid for by the blood of Jesus. Instead, it is something we pay for daily, when God withdraws favour from us. When things don’t go well, we believe that God must be punishing us. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It assumes God has no mouth and so, he can only get mankind’s attention through acts of wickedness. It presumes we are still in the works-oriented Old Testament.

God’s gifts to me are wisdom and intelligence. I know that I know things I never learned. All my years of sowing and sacrifice yielded wisdom, not money. It is now up to me to generate money with wisdom.

When I piss God off, he catches my attention, yes. But, he doesn’t do so by taking wisdom away from me. Even on the bed of sin, if anyone were to ask me an intellectual question, I could answer with one eye open, with no sweat. My brain still works when I sin. God doesn’t take my gifts from me.

I wish we could understand the relationship God wants to have with mankind. A relationship that revolves around family and friendship. Whatever a good father wouldn’t do, don’t ascribe to God.

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