I do not know the “Almighty God”. I’ve never met him. I’m reading the Bible for maybe the twentieth time. I’ve lost count. Right now, I am in Exodus and am amazed at the plagues and wonders attributed to God.

In Genesis, he clearly revealed himself through physical appearances and through manifestations in dreams, visions and voices. None of that has happened to me; at least that I can readily recall. (I think that’s why Yoruba names of God do not really register. They are bombastic in a way I cannot relate to.) But, I’ve heard of people getting to know the Almighty by faith or revelation – what the Greeks call Epignosis.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard many stories about the Almighty God. He seems to mostly show up in times of crisis. I’ve had crises. He showed up, but in a different way. I wish he would be Almighty-ish.

The first time I met God, he began a quiet conversation and told me about mercy. It was in the middle of a problem and I needed deliverance. The knowledge of his mercy liberated me. Then he said he understood what I was going through and I realised he was a kind God. Years later, he spoke about my reward for faithfulness. He also healed me. My enduring impression of God is one of great kindness and approachability. He also hates being ignored. He has incredible dignity. I’ve never really had a formal relationship with God. I don’t connect with him over traditions and so I’ve largely stopped them.

I’ve met the brilliant God who allows me to peek into his thoughts, every now and then. His intellect fascinates me.

In this season of my life however, I need to meet the Almighty; the “Pantokrator” – the one who demonstrates unrestricted power and exercises absolute dominion. The ruler of the universe. The one who holds sway over all things.

There are so many people like me who need the Almighty too.


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