When I heard about Chester Bennington’s death, I was numb (pun intended). I care very little about celebrities, but perhaps it was the way he died that made me sorrowful. Or maybe it’s because his band, Linkin Park holds a special place in my heart. After all, their music kept me awake for several nights as I studied for my advertising practitioners’ professional exams.

Although Linkin Park’s music genre is loud, there’s something about it that’s quiet. Like Nickelback, the band’s lyrics make a world of sense and I can pick out each instrument, if I pay attention. The engineering quality of the sound mastering is superb.

As I reminisce about Chester, I’m reminded that few can clearly know in advance what their legacy will be. How could Chester have ever envisioned that he would make an impact on someone in faraway Nigeria? Sometimes we do what we love, and we know not if it will change the world. But, one thing I know is we must do it excellently. Mediocrity does not lend itself to legacy.

?: Rolling Stone

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