1. Little things delight me – like double sided keys and phones that turn into remote controls.

2. You can have the kind of relationship with God that you want. You don’t need to develop one that looks like anyone else’s. Begin by spending consistent & predictable time with God and talking to him with sincerity. Tell God what you think. Make your opinions known and share your feelings. Then listen to him too. Read his word.

It is never too late to build a relationship with God, to prioritise him, to step away from self-centredness to make God the centre of your world. God has this beautiful habit of redeeming lost time. In one year, he can help you become the person you spent decades hoping to be.

3. I think the nature of new believers’ classes needs to change. Knowing what I know now, there are four things I would recommend to new believers in this generation:

a. Setting aside dedicated regular time to just connect with God; to talk, share and pray. I would emphasise quality over quantity. It could be daily or weekly; morning or night – the regularity and desire are what matter not the structure.
b. Reading God’s word – starting a journey of reading the Bible for yourself from cover to cover using a translation in simple language
c. Reading the novel – The Shack. It beautifully illustrates difficult concepts like pain and evil. It also captures grace and what a relationship with God can be like.
d. Reading Leke Alder’s Radical and Urban Legends series on www.myilluminare.com. They address controversial issues in the Christian faith.

4. Nothing of significance happens in the world; no agenda without spiritual import.

5. If you’re finding it difficult to sleep, talk to someone. Don’t let insomnia lead you on a journey of destructive inventiveness that can ruin your destiny.

6. The underprivileged are humans beings like you. They just haven’t been given the same opportunities that you have. Make a decision to give people opportunities this year and to teach them what you know. The man who wants others to be greater and more successful than he is, is a great man.

7. “No matter what God’s power may be, the first aspect of Him is never that of the absolute Master, the Almighty. It is that of the God who puts himself on our human level and limits himself.” Jacques Ellul

8. Joseph’s interpretation of the Egyptian King’s dream is applicable to us all – there will be days of plenty and days of lack. In the days of plenty; when you are young, productive and full of strength, lay aside something for the days of lack that will invariably follow. Buy assets, invest and take sound financial decisions.

9. It’s amazing how so much is assumed in the world and how people expect you to know things simply because they know them.

One of the first lessons I learnt about customer service is to never assume people know and to always provide directions. The best hotels, tourist attractions and malls NEVER assume people are well traveled or have done things before. They ALWAYS provide directional signs & explanatory websites and their concierges are very helpful.

10. There are those who only relate with you on the basis of what they want from you, like the guy who only takes you out because he wants to sleep with you. Kindness enjoys the moment. It revels in good company and the blessing of another’s time & attention. It has no agenda.

I met a Syrian man at the Jazz bar yesterday. We both came alone and so he invited me to join him. We spoke about our travels, enjoyed the music then individually paid for our drinks and went home. No agenda.

It's amazing how so much is assumed in the world and how people expect you to know things simply because they know them. Click To Tweet