When I travel, there’s this set of people who pretend to know what to do. There’s another set who know what to do but like to remind you that you don’t. They are the ones who always say, “That’s the way it’s done in Paris or New York.”

On a recent trip, I experienced the favour, goodwill and free stuff that comes with simply engaging and having conversations with those who serve you. When you are kind and genuinely compliment them. I’m learning that “No”, is just the opening response in a negotiation. You can refuse to accept it and press people by asking, “Is that the best you can do? Are you sure? I know you can do more. I’ll wait.”

Sometimes, people need you to show how badly you want something. They want you to raise your expectations of them. They want you to care enough to engage. In countries with incredible numbers of tourists who come and go, the ones that will be remembered are the kind ones; the engaging ones.

You will experience favour and goodwill when you engage and have conversations with those who serve you. Click To Tweet