I do not think that being liberal, or not being religious, is about wearing jeans and listening to funky Christian music. I’m not sure it’s the freedom to drink the odd glass of wine in a club with a great conscience.

I think it’s about being completely human before God; being real. It’s about living by his grace, not your own. It’s about listening to God’s directions, instead of having your own ideas of what it takes to be a Christian or how others should serve God. It’s about reading the Bible and hearing God for yourself, without any intermediaries that are not named Jesus.

Not being religious is about being unafraid to say the wrong thing or of offending God. It’s about being there for real human beings who are not your friends or family. It’s about giving and sacrifice and empathy. It’s knowing that all the energy you need to be christian comes from God and issues from a divine heart that’s filled with so much mercy and tolerance. It’s knowing God is crazy about you and so, you can’t help letting others in on this love that you have found.

Not being religious is about being completely human before God; being real. Click To Tweet