Daughter: Daddy, the couple we just had dinner with; are they your friends?
Dad: Yes, they are.
Daughter: Are they good people?
Dad: Yes, my child.
Daughter: Respectable?
Dad: Yes. If the two of them weren’t so, I wouldn’t have invited them into our home.
Daughter: Do they practice any form of religion?
Dad: Yes, they do.
Daughter: But they don’t look like us, neither do they dress the way we do.
Dad: No, they don’t pumpkin.
Daughter: But are they kind? Compassionate?
Dad: Very much so. They’ve stood by me many times.
Daughter: So, it’s possible to be religious and not look like us?
Dad: I’m not sure where you’re going with this, but yes.
Daughter: Is our religion a choice or was it forced upon us?
Dad: Religion is always a choice, my daughter.
Daughter: Hmm…In that case, I unchoose my religion.