The need to evolve is primal. Yes, we all struggle with evolution, reinvention and growth. But it’s quite something to not even try; to not be aware that the world is leaving us behind. That’s the real sorrow.

Oftentimes, we fail to notice our growing irrelevance because of rigidity, pride and an insistence on doing things as we’ve always done them. But then, those methods start to fail us. We no longer produce results like we used to. People stop coming to us for solutions.

When all of this happens, what is needed is an honest mirror. Someone who can objectively look at our circumstances and tell us the truth. When we hear their words, we must avoid being defensive. Instead, we should take a chance and try what has been prescribed; something different.

And that’s how we evolve; when we cede control and embrace what’s new. We might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

For more, please read Age is not Wisdom.

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