I greatly value the peace, comfort, excitement & support God/friends provide. Living is so much easier, days not so empty, tasks not so gargantuan. The things i HAVE to do but hate to do are easier to bear. Thinking about God/friends makes it all bearable as well as the knowledge that when it’s over and done with, I’m coming home to them.

Friendship is very selective. I recently decided that i would stop pointing out the things i don’t like in others or try to change them. Why? 1. It’s not my place to judge or try to change them 2. It hurts like hell. Friends who have known you long enough know when they’re doing wrong. If they choose to continue, it’s because they’re unwilling/unable to change. You need to make a decision to stop having stupid arguments about what they do or don’t do. Love them as is, or exit and leave them the heck alone!

Some people hold fast to particular viewpoints. When they are presented with another or a superior one or theirs is assaulted, they’re so pained/affronted/can’t handle it/assume you’re the one who’s wrong. Be patient if they’re important to you. Sometimes, they do come around. If they refuse to give an inch, leave them be.

4 Thoughts to “Saturday Thoughts”

  1. I agree with u but i wont say “some people”, i would say “everybody” holds fast to particular viewpoints. you know what they say “different strokes for different strokes”.

    We all might think our own ways and thoughts are right and better than the others but the fact is, their ways and thoughts are just different ways of looking at things. Undertanding that makes us a better person

  2. Always give it your best shot and leave the rest for the person to decide. Human beings can be very stubborn

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