Okay, I admit it, I’m horny and have explored just about every conventional (and some unconventional) solutions to stay sane, without jumping every bloke I’m attracted to.

To make matters worse, i sometimes work 19 hour days – adrenaline pumping, exciting, knowledge filled days – that leave my body screaming for an outlet. But the resulting tiredness of the day generally precludes most activity based outlets – try doing anything rational when your tired AND horny. Recently, i discovered the soothing powers of music.

Music (particularly new music) engages me. When i hear something i like, i literally stop whatever I’m doing to listen to it. Therefore, it’s a wonderful distraction. It also provides an emotional channel for my swirling internal maelstrom. Finally, it just soothes and rocks me ever so gently or loudly to sleep.

I’m interested in other cure-alls. Anybody with any ideas? And yes, am ALREADY aware of the three-letter and 12-letter options, so get creative, will ya?

16 Thoughts to “Music – my new cure-all for horniness”

  1. Think you are on the right track. I dig into the Bible and worship songs when i need to get my away from such. It works all the time like magic and of course i run away from compromising circumstances.

  2. Reading a book/watching a movie/ cooking/ calling a friend and gisting might all work. Just about anything that can take your mind’s attention. There’s no real foolproof cure … other than those 3 and 12 letter words. Funny, took me some time to decode those words … LOL

  3. my all time cure for all horny occassions…funny, it was never the 3-letter word(though it sufficed in the time of need). The 12-letter word is a long lost fossil in my brain. truth be told, no one really knows the cure. I guess it’s your state of mind at that moment of provocation to “get down” that really determines if you really need a cure…. I mean face it: who really needs a cure for “playing with the bull”?

  4. C’est la vie, ma cherie…
    It is the “curse” of being trapped in flesh…Until we discover what TRULY fulfills us, we are doomed to ever seek “distractions”..be it sex, masturbation, books, movies, gadgets, music, shopping, travel..and, dare I say it, religion… The “itch” exists in the mind, and there’s only so much scratching that these “distractions” can do…

    Ok..I’m outta here before I’m tagged as “hedonistic philistine”

  5. Oh dear! i’m already liking your style…as a friend! Why, if i should ask, don’t you have a male ‘friend’ It’s always better that way.

    Yeah, i know…i’m very very naughty 😉

  6. Doing the Cha Cha dance can really act as a good reliefer. Ask Belinda, the recently concluded Cha Cha dance instructor of the Maltina Dance All competition….Africansuccess.

  7. @ugo…i dig your style mehn…LOL….but sometimes going to the movies could help….but u can as well lay in the bath-tub and rest your mind while it disappears totally

  8. lol! loving this post…so real. Wot i do to stay sane? Take my mind of it…
    @ibo-dude: do we have to spell it out?

  9. You may be horny, but you’re not a b**ch. I think, for the same reason I wouldn’t really appreciate it if I heard you call someone (I think is) as sweet as you that name, you really shouldn’t call yourself that name…

    Your comments about believers facing the same challenges that unbelievers face are right on point. And if you take a look at the Scriptures, they are not silent on this…

    I think what is missing for most people is an understanding of PURPOSE… The reason a great athlete does not eat like you and I do is because he/she knows that diet has a lot to do with whether he/she ends up being a world champion or not…

    Believers who end up amounting to something for God are those who come to an understanding of His Purpose for their lives, learn to place their bodies under subjection, so that “after having preached to others, they themselves will not be cast away”…

  10. Vigorous physical exercise (running for example) works for me… as does vigorous mental exercise (in the form of writing) – I just keep writing for hours and hours… But I agree with Obi that these are temporary diversions.

  11. sho, ur extremly lucky to have found a cure..really i have tried various prescription..aint working.i guess i speak for a chunk of folks deaprately trying to “apprehend what we’ve been aprehended for”. sometimes i almost qstion the efficaccy and validity of divine restraint..this is really knotty,naughty,thorny and horny issue i face in ma flesh…i will try the music thingy thou…will kip trying until he comes!

  12. If you’re horny, why dont you try getting laid?

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