A subliminal (sub) is a subtle (or not so subtle) dig at someone on your social media timeline, without mentioning his/her handle. That way, you can deny you were referring to, or even thinking about the person when you delivered it.

Every now and then, someone “catches a sub” that’s not meant for them. This reveals a few things:

1. They suffer from an inferiority complex: They are sensitive and generally react to what people say, even when those people are not saying it about them.

2. They are guilty: They recently perpetrated the act referred to in the sub and so assume it’s about them.

3. They are not sure of their opinions: Any alleged attack elicits defensiveness.

4. They are narcissistic: Everything is about them, even the things that are not.

5. They are paranoid: Everyone is talking about them.

6. They are silly: They do not understand language or context and so misconstrue everything.

7. They are busybodies: They are more concerned about what others are doing than their own business.

8. They are opportunists: They jump on anything on social media to become popular.

If this is about you, by all means, here’s your sub. Catch it.

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