I am truly saddened by the current political turmoil in America. More so because goings on in the US have outsized impact on the rest of the world.

A nation that practices democracy must accept that they are constrained by whoever makes himself/herself available and by whichever party better facilitates an acceptance of its rhetoric and agenda.

Unfortunately, the system does not seem wired to reject all choices. One should be able to say no to all candidates instead of being forced to choose one. In 2015, we had to choose in Nigeria. In 2019, we may be forced to choose again from predictable options, as the same names keep being mentioned.

Whoever is selected will then foist his/her agenda on everyone else irrespective of whether the people vote or not. People are limited by the choices that are presented. Such is the nature of democracy.

As long as people do not actively participate in the process that produces political candidates, even when they vote, they may end up with a less than ideal choice.

As long as you don't participate in the process that produces political candidates, you will end up with less than ideal leaders. Click To Tweet