I think each person should be true to type and “try” not to get excessively pissed when others, even the majority, are unlike them. I’ve learnt that you don’t change society by anger and insult, though anger may legitimately fuel change. You change society by constructive engagement and reorientation.

When people feel they will be attacked for being who they are (whether good or bad), they become defensive. They become politically correct or just stop engaging. Then they go off to “do what is in their minds” anyway. It’s the reason people appeared liberal then secretly voted for Trump or people shouted #BlackLivesMatter then went off to lynch the nearest black person.

In Nigeria, the “cultural” majority will always find a way to frustrate the minority regardless of how the minority feels, until the minority learns to engage strategically.

There are two kinds of people. There are those who perpetrate evil because they have a fundamental lack of character. Then there are those who do so because they do not know any better. The first group can only be managed by stringent laws. The punishment must be so swift and severe that it deters them. The second group can be educated and reformed. When we put everyone in the same basket, we alienate the second group. And our anger amounts to little if we don’t work hard to enhance the law (and its enforcement) or develop a reorientation & engagement plan.

When people feel their opinions will be attacked, they become defensive. Click To Tweet