Money empowers your core. That’s why it is important to define what really matters before wealth overtakes you.

If what’s important is family, then when you come into wealth, here’s what might happen. You’ll create bigger and more comfortable spaces for your kin. Perhaps move closer to work to eliminate long commutes. Maybe hire competent help.

You do any and everything to make your house a haven. A place you can spend more quality time with the people you love. A space your children can be proud to invite their friends to. Somewhere you don’t dread coming back to after a long trip.

So when money comes, you already know what to do with it.

Let’s say your core is knowledge.

As you make money, if you value knowledge, then it won’t seem like a waste to invest in oak-paneled bookcases and rare first edition books.

You don’t mind going to Ivy League schools for more education. As far as you’re concerned, that’s money well-spent. It makes you happy.

If your core is vanity, then you might opt for something completely different. All your clothes, including your underwear, will be designer labels. You will insist on expensive cars to mirror your self-concept.

You will no longer go to bush bars. Instead, you will seek more expensive and exclusive watering holes. You are feeding your core. What empowers you.

Don’t treat wealth as an accident or hope.

Wealth should be planned for. Were it to miraculously fall into your lap, you should already have a plan for it.

Create a 5-year strategy for wealth. My coaching class can help.

Also write down what’s important to you. What you will use your wealth for. This will keep you grounded.

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