Hiring is hard. Our company has spent the last year recruiting managers and executives. We’re growing, you see.

Finding the right people has been an arduous task despite industry matching compensation. We’re not alone. Our local and international peers are experiencing the same.

Let’s face it, post-Covid, work has changed. Talent is now global and mobile. Few people want to work or raise families in Nigeria, if they can help it. Remote working and emigration have provided choices.

To adapt, our company has shifted to a more contracting mindset. While we still hope to fill the executive cadre with committed men & women, we must accept the new HR reality we live in. People want flexibility.

So, we are modularizing tasks using process maps and clear deliverables. That way, remote teams can work well together. Thankfully, we sell services not products, so location doesn’t matter as much.

We’ve also made our offices global, meaning our staff can work from any of our locations around the world. They can progress their careers laterally across organizations. Such is the beauty of the global ventures & finance company that we’re painstakingly building.

Remote work means less overheads and more measurable output.

But, it has its limitations. Our company’s IP can become more vulnerable. And for the people we hire; they have less opportunities for mentoring and physical connection. Home also doubles as an office for remote staff, which can be stressful for some. A number of people have begun to lose the art of casual conversation.

As with all experiments, it will take time to gather the data. But when you’re growing fast, you must be ready to do what has not been done before. You must use new models. Hiring is hard. I’ll let you know how it’s going in 6 months.

For more, please read Hiring for Personality.

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