One of the greatest investment lessons I have imbibed, is the value of long-term thinking. If you want to create enduring wealth, think in 5-year, 10-year or even 15-year horizons. Don’t be fixated on immediate returns alone.

Imagine if parents hadn’t held on to land or stocks for decades. What would the value of their kids’ inheritance be?

I’m currently reviewing a portfolio that I began years ago, and am astounded at the value. It goes beyond the compound growth. There’s more. Because of a long-term attitude, I became aware of many opportunities that I would have missed, if I was mesmerised by immediate returns. Knowing what I know now, as a young employee with a steady income, I should have invested much earlier.

Please consider starting a portfolio in the first few years of your career or business. In five years, your portfolio would’ve grown to the point where you can take advantage of things you’ve always dreamed of. You can take a break from your job to try a new business idea. You can afford to go for a Master’s Degree or to get married. You will have choices.

During my investment course, I teach a class that helps people to create healthy long-term portfolios. I also provide shorter term options. You should check out my course curriculum.

To create enduring wealth, think long-term. Don't be fixated on immediate returns alone. Click To Tweet Please start an investment portfolio in the first few years of your career or business. Click To Tweet