Light. Blinding light. Your ultraviolet rays destroy evil. Your brightness fills every darkness.

Heart. Bleeding heart. Your blood cleanses all shame. Your sacrifice redeems every lost soul.

Beauty. Matchless beauty. Your creativity inspires us. Your creation intrigues us.

We stand before you o God in worship and adoration. We look to you for all that is good and true. We know you are faithful but sometimes we doubt. Sometimes our courage fails us and fear encroaches the space reserved for faith. But still we believe. We look to you still.

We are hungry for you Lord. We need you. We crave the difference you make in our lives. And so we call on you Father. Do not delay. Come with power, come speedily.

And when you come to save us; when you descend from your lofty heights with healing in your hands; when you come with warrior angels to deliver us; then in absolute wonder and with knees bent, we will proclaim: “Who is this God and what has he done?”