Does God speak to everyone? I’m unsure. Does he WANT to? I believe so.

Communication with God is not a sacred, secret, holy thing reserved for Pastors, Prophets or good people. It’s actually quite normal. God is a person and so he speaks like all people do. It would be unnatural for him not to. He has opinions and viewpoints which he would like to share with others daily. Therefore, I think the reason why we don’t hear him is because we don’t expect him to speak. It’s like we can’t fathom a God that would be interested in the daily events of our lives.

A long time ago I discovered that if I set aside a specific time to meet with God, after a while, he’d get there before me. It used to be Fridays at 7pm. Now, it’s Wednesdays at 5am. Apparently, like in every relationship, predictability matters. Knowing you’ll be there when you say you will is important to God.  He also doesn’t like to be taken for granted. When I miss meetings regularly, he stops showing up. He starts ignoring me to make a point. This is my experience. I don’t know how he relates with others. Perhaps you could tell me.

I feel God around me when I study the Bible; I hear him in my heart and head. He fills me. He knows I love words so he speaks to me through his Word.

Sometimes when I’m incredibly stressed, he tells me that he understands what I’m going through. At times I stop in mid-stride when he whispers, wondering how he gets involved in the little things. He comments casually and moves on like he never said anything, almost like he just wanted to remind me he’s there.

I appreciate the God who speaks. His words are the “realest” part of my relationship with him. Realer than church, Realer than sermons, Realer than the propaganda about God. Knowing God speaks is probably what keeps me Christian. No matter how horribly things go, I know he’ll have an opinion when I settle in at night to speak to him. No matter what I’ve done, I know he can wade through my shame in dialogue. I would be quite bereft without this speaking God.