When I ask you for healing, I don’t want to feel like a beggar, God. I don’t want to plead or to be at the edge of my seat, in hope. Children don’t beg their fathers for life. Treats maybe, but not permission to live.

Lord, when Jesus shed his blood and exchanged his for mine, you signed a contract to preserve me until he returns. I didn’t ask for it. I wasn’t around when you scribbled on the dotted line. But since you did, I expect you to keep your word.

Healing, deliverance and provision go to the heart of your integrity. It’s not about me, it’s about you. Will you keep your word?

I know there are times you deny me things. It’s for my own good. You are wiser than I. But it would be really nice to tell me why.

When I ask for help at work, it’s not because I’m lazy. I can think through the processes. I can apply myself. But I remember you said I have the mind of Christ. So, I’m holding you to your promise. I am asking for wisdom, because you said you would give it without fanfare. I am asking you to honour the principle of sowing and reaping too. If I sow hard work, I deserve prosperity. I am asking you to even the playing field. If unbelievers are not ashamed of using “juju” and appealing to evil spirits to succeed, then I expect the Holy Spirit to show up for me too. Fair’s fair.

So you see Father, half of the things I pray for, should never leave my lips in the first place. They are things that fall squarely within your purview. They are things you already promised me. I just need you to keep your word. You do you and let me do me. Peace.

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