A dear friend says I take business personally. It is true. I am passionate about the things I do. It’s in my DNA.

A long time ago, I realised there were already enough cold businessmen in the world. The world didn’t need another one. There’s too much hardness in the world, so let business be warm, for a change. 

I choose to do business my way. I can be brutal, when faced with incompetence, but mostly, I’m transparent and kind. I don’t know how to hide information. It will be “peppering” me. So, I’m always sharing.

There’s a reason I hate leading negotiations. Not only do I find meetings boring, but, I’m likely to call out thieves and liars to their faces, which is not exactly good business practice. I also hate being kept waiting. Patience is not my strength.

I work on weekends because I don’t see why money can’t be made and deals concluded then. If you can receive money from clients on a weekend, you should be able to work for it too.