Because of the work I do with blockchain technology and social media, I am keenly aware, that one of the world’s most disruptive forces is decentralisation.

Decentralisation is the ability to create, distribute, store and get rewarded for content and information, without recourse to central authorities. It’s about a reliance on voluntary collaborative networks, for data validation and verification.

In today’s world, you only need knowledge and a product, to create financial value. And, you need an Internet enabled device. You no longer need to “know someone” or have significant capital to get ahead in business. You don’t need to be a charismatic extrovert. The restrictions of geography are also disintegrating. The colour of your passport matters little.

In the decentralised economy, knowledge and a good idea, will invite a global network of collaborators to you. These collaborators will in turn, attract capital to you. To fully participate in this economy, you should pay attention to a few things, as a matter of urgency:

  1. Get a very fast mobile device and laptop.
  2. Do not compromise on Internet speed.
  3. Develop social media profiles that represent your skill and knowledge base.
  4. Find a reliable and competent web developer.
  5. Ensure you can receive online payments for your products.
  6. Beef up your Internet security
  7. Ensure your identity verification documents are up to date


All these things are precursors to participating in the decentralised economy.

One of the world's most disruptive forces is decentralisation. The movement's poster child is blockchain technology. Click To Tweet