One depressing thing about Nigeria is how more often than not, evil triumphs over good. Nice people seem to finish last.

Life isn’t fair and time & chance happen to all but, inequity seems more prevalent in Nigeria than in other climes. Those who work hard look stupid, as they watch the cunning & connected get good jobs and valuable business contracts. Women who refuse to compromise on values and who buck culture, marry late. Destinies are wasted due to bad health care and poor infrastructure.

Sometimes it’s easy to just say, “F@#& it. If you can’t beat them, join them.” Let me tell you why I still hold on. Why even though I’ve become smarter about life, I still can’t join “them”.

I love peace, happiness and family. Those who perpetrate injustice often sacrifice these things. Those who pursue evil yet maintain a facade of happiness sacrifice something more – their souls. And before you say, “Who soul epp?” ask yourself if you’re really willing to do what the evil do to survive? Because, there’s no middle ground. You are either with them or not. You won’t gain access otherwise.

Can you kill? Can you participate in midnight rituals and swear fealty to cults? Can you steal, rape and pillage consistently? Can you siphon generational wealth and allow people to die from bad systems? Those are some of the highlights of evil.

I would rather you do all you can to transcend or escape Nigeria. Form tribes of people who are fundamentally noble. Create centres of excellence and sanity, so you can also save others. Relocate and prosper, if you have to. Above all, gain power and influence because you will need them to change Nigeria.

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