In life, it’s okay to change things up. Just ask any caterpillar who’s now a butterfly! As human beings, we often find ourselves in routines that are familiar. But, the things that once brought us comfort can become obstacles to our progress. This was my case when it came to exercising!

Breaking Free from a Sedentary Routine

For a while, I’ve been struggling to go to the gym. I dislike any exertion that isn’t a leisurely stroll among nature ????. To make matters worse, I’m neither a morning nor night person. I struggle to get out of bed early and lose energy fast once night dawns. Since I work during the day, my natural exercise window is early evening.

My plan was to eat dinner early (since I don’t do lunch), wait for a few hours and then exercise. But as you can imagine, any desire to exercise after eating simply evaporates! So, I had to change things up.

I started going to the gym first, and then I’d dine after. While eating later is not my preference, if it helps me to go to the gym, then that’s progress. I have a desk job, so living a sedentary life with no movement is just not an option. Now that I’ve begun, I’m even toying with reintroducing lunch and skipping dinner completely.

You see, once you alter one thing in your life, you become open to considering other changes.

Change Can be an Adventure!

There’s no right time to make a change. So use whatever opportunity you have, instead of waiting for perfect circumstances.

Maybe you’re afraid to explore new options because you feel safe with what you already know. But I encourage you to view change as an adventure, rather than something to be terrified of.

Look back on your life. Can you recall the tremendous growth you achieved when you stepped out of your comfort zone? So, be open to transformation. It might even be easier when you have someone on the journey with you. Therefore, if you need support, please find a friend to come along for the ride.

The Responsibility of Change

On a final note, I’m reminded that when God blesses you, it may not come in a perfect package. You are responsible for fine-tuning, perfecting, and protecting what has been given. Ultimately, you are a steward and project manager. You must be diligent with what has been given and ensure nothing goes wrong on your watch.

Say you have a great business idea. You must still design the strategy, hire the staff and develop the culture. At any of these stages, something can go wrong. It doesn’t mean the gift wasn’t good, to begin with. It just means you have an important role to play too.

So, don’t be afraid to change things up. Embrace transformation and gradually step out of your comfort zone. You’ll surely be better off for it.

Wishing you success on your journey!

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