I recently contributed my token to Rihanna’s empire by buying some Fenty makeup. It hit me just how scientific brand extensions are. They are not random.

The most successful brand extensions reflect an individual’s or company’s core personality and what they are associated with. Rihanna is regularly complimented on her beauty, so it made sense to launch a makeup brand. Ryan Seacrest has always been a natty dresser, so I wasn’t surprised to see his fashion brand.

Don Jazzy would be a great fit for a sunglasses brand. TY Bello should launch a ready-to-wear but stylish fashion brand. The key to a celebrity brand extension is believability. The product must fit you. It should be something you love and that’s already associated with you. Something that reflects your values and personal sense of style.

If I were a celebrity, my brand extension would be knowledge based. I see myself creating an investment brand or education brand. What about you? What would your brand extension be?

Successful brand extensions reflect an individual's or company's core personality and what they are associated with. Click To Tweet