If you have a strong personality, you should heed life’s warnings. But, you may miss them if you expect something forceful in nature.

The thing is, everyone isn’t as direct as you are. People don’t always present counsel in a pushy way. Some use body language or a look. They may be too gentlemanly or ladylike to insist on poking into your business. Sometimes, folks could even be afraid of you or based on previous experience, believe you rarely listen, so why bother?

When catastrophe happens, you always had warnings beforehand. Maybe your conscience troubled you and tried to get your attention. Or maybe you felt people pulling away from you in silent protest and disapproval.

Heed life’s warnings. Encourage people to tell you the truth by submitting yourself to counsel, without interruption. Be deliberately patient.

Even if you don’t agree with the views of others, listen actively and promise to consider their points. Don’t be defensive and stop interrupting. It won’t encourage people to speak up next time.

In addition, actively resist a superiority complex where you think you are always right. Shake off any impostor syndrome, where you are afraid people will discover you’re not good enough.

Vulnerability is the hallmark of successful relationships. So, admit your mistakes and listen to others. It will make you a better person.

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