You need to deliberately forgive yourself so you can love yourself again. This is because you are still special. And, you have not lost your value.

Think back to all the major mistakes you have made. The ones you hate to remember. Recall them all. Then understand that if you had known better, you would have done better. Forgive yourself for each incident.

Let go of control too. You try to regulate everything to avoid another misstep. You do not want to fail and hate yourself even more. But don’t worry. You aren’t perfect. Nobody is.

You will make mistakes. Don’t pre-empt them or attempt to shape things in advance. Don’t limit your life to only the things you are familiar with or that you know you will succeed at. Mistakes are part of the experience called life. Learn to enjoy new things.

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You need to forgive yourself so you can love yourself again. You aren't perfect. Nobody is. Click To Tweet