You need a home.
There might be a Russia-Ukraine war, and a pandemic may be raging. Your country may not have electricity and petroleum prices may have doubled. But, when you get home, there is quietness.
Your business partners may be shafting you. Regulators may be unpredictable and unbearable. But when you return home, you experience a haven of order, values, honour, and comfort.
If you married the wrong person or if a loved one is struggling with a debilitating chronic condition, going home may be difficult. And, if you’re barely trying to get by or you live in a rough part of town, the concept of home may be far from you. But, you’ve got to try. Your mental health and personal progress depend on it.
So bring out a pen & paper or your notepad on your phone and paint a picture with words. Write down what home means to you. What a fulfilling place of rest would look like. Then identify what you can do now to bring your vision to pass. Plan what you must do in the future to make the image complete. And put a timeline to it.
You deserve rest, quiet, beauty, and softness. For “in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” ~ Isaiah the Prophet
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