I don’t know a lot about the worship of God. Perhaps those who lead praise & worship are on more intimate terms with God than I am.

I also know little about the fearfulness of God. Pastors probably do, seeing that God is both Father and Boss to them. They must get disciplined more often than I do. My relationship with God is so informal that it makes nonsense of my traditional authoritarian Yoruba upbringing. Somehow, God is just so easy and straightforward.

The one thing I do know about him intimately, is his wisdom. I know what it feels like to have my mind physically stretched by him. I know where his knowledge corridors are and what the texture of truth, holiness and purity is like. I know how simple his most complex ideas can be. I know how steeped in love his wisdom is. Wherever wisdom is, there is love.

I know what it’s like to be used to proclaim a message and how it is to be a silent scribe documenting his expressions. The wisdom of God is an elaborate and adventurous mental jungle gym. It’s a kaleidoscope of colours. God’s wisdom will strike you dumb with wonder and make you humble. It is my standard for excellence and nobility. It is the compass of my life and my yardstick. Every concept and every philosophy is measured by it.

The wisdom of God is an elaborate and adventurous mental jungle gym. Click To Tweet