A most wicked African God we serve. I see his sadistic character demonstrated at weddings a lot.

A couple prays that it may not rain on their wedding day but it does. I must either assume God is wicked or the couple presumes to be special and their event, above the Laws of Nature.

You see God was just waiting for their wedding day to unleash the watery abundance of the heavens. He takes callous pleasure in causing the couple pain and their guests discomfort. He is also a deity that must be appeased so if you pray long enough (often accompanied by fasting), he may deign to overlook your event and take the rain to someone else’s wedding. After all, it must rain on that day somewhere in the world.

In the complexity of plans for the grand day, it never occurred to the couple that if a wedding must be scheduled during rainy season, an indoor venue may be a good idea. No, prayer must be applied and a liberal dose of the blood of Jesus. Rainy demons must also be bound.

So I conclude that God must be a wicked God. He is nothing like the Father of the Bride who wants the best for his daughter and would give anything to make her day special, joyful and perfect.