What is in a name, you ask?

Adam set the ball rolling when he renamed us Mother, and defined us by our reproductive utility.

Since then we’ve been called Bad Mama Jama, Sexy Thang, Cherie Coco and Baby Doll.

We’ve been likened to a Jeep, Ride and Bank Account.

We’ve been flippantly termed Roni or Shorty.

Some call us Bitch, Slut or Cunt.

To others we’re Brown Sugar, Sweetie Pie, Honey or Sugar.

In my part of the world, we’re Kokolette, Agbalumo, Tomato Jos, Omoge or Okpeke.

While some of these appellations are meant as terms of endearment,

Every once in a while, we’d like to be known as woman and to be called by our God-given name.

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One thought to “What is in a Name?”

  1. LWKMD!!! Babes am falling in love with you.jeez, you sure got an imaginative way fo saying simple things…..WOMAN……LOOOL

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