It takes many mature women just twenty-four hours to decide whether they want a relationship with a man, or want to sleep with him, or both. It takes me two hours or less. When women ask for more time, it could be for the following reasons:

  1. They assume many men are not wired for honesty or directness. They would interpret a quick yes as “easy”. And so, they try to appear hard-to-get.
  2. Some would like to do their due diligence. There are too many evil spirits in human bodies in this country.
  3. The man may be missing core attributes and so, the women need time to decide whether they can live with that fact or compromise.
  4. There’s a culture clash somewhere that will lead to a war the relationship may never recover from.
  5. Some are just not ready for a relationship for personal reasons.

The cunning and manipulative will know they are not suited to a man but encourage him anyway. Getting married is considered a prize. They rarely think of the consequences of a loveless marriage.

The transactional are upfront about their sexual intentions, until someone starts catching feelings.

Those who date for cash know what they are doing. Someone gets companionship and physical intimacy. Someone else gets money and the trappings of a “good” life.

You should be wary about a woman who suddenly falls in love with you, after you’ve spent so long chasing her. You may be her second best or fall back option. Test that love to be sure she is truly into you, or you may spend the rest of your relationship still chasing. In love, no one should feel they are doing another a favour by loving them.

Relationships are rarely clear cut. No, scratch that. Maybe they are, but we tend to unnecessarily complicate them. I find that people rarely go wrong when they focus on basic human values: love, kindness, consideration, honour, courtesy, generosity and compassion. When both sides are giving and not just taking.

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