1. What do you think when you hear “that person” has died? Do you wonder, “Wow, anyone can be touched by death, including me. I better make the most of my time on earth.” Or do you go, “Thank God it wasn’t me/my loved ones” and just move on?

2. Without repetition, there can be no mastery. Some become masters faster than others.

3. Be careful of imbalanced trades – the desperate politician who trades his only son’s life in a ritual to win the election; the woman who gives sex to ensure a wedding, the entrepreneur who cedes control of his business for a short term investment.

Years later, you look back to realise you got the shorter end of the stick. You can spot imbalanced trades in two ways. When you imagine the future, you experience a sense of foreboding and regret. When you lay out the terms of the trade to a friend, it sounds stupid in your hearing and theirs.

4. Let me provide a reality check to someone out there. If you’re the type of person no one can talk to or correct, you should know something. For every opportunity you gained in life, there were three more you missed that no one told you about.

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