If you are a person of unusual creativity, there’s something you should be mindful of.

Many you meet will fall within the average parameters of creative. Therefore, they will judge you based on what is acceptable and normal. If you are not self-aware, you may think they are right. If they are people you respect, you may even begin to limit yourself.

Remember, the reason you’re you, is because you’re an iconoclast. You’re a troublemaker. You never quite learn. You always push boundaries. Lose those things and you will become like everyone else.

If you have unusual creativity, there are different types of people you need in your life.

There are those who love you and are always ready with a hug, a meal, or some encouragement. Parents and friends typically fall in this category. Yet sometimes they will remind you that they don’t fully understand you. They can also inadvertently try to limit you. Filter their words.

Then, there’s your team – extremely competent people who give you the freedom and tools to create, while they administer and execute.

There’s another important category of people – your peers. They understand you and your work, they can relate to your brilliance and will stretch it.

Sometimes, you find the last set of people in academic institutions, alternative industries or online fora. They may be mentors who are icons in your field.

You need those who understand you. Ideas stultify & atrophy when you remain the smartest person in the room for too long.

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