I’ve been unhappy for days. While I’m not gung-ho or happy-go-lucky, I have an equilibrium that has developed over years. When my parents died, God stood between me and my grief. I could sense him lurking about. His presence has a way of calming me.

As I studied the Bible, I found daily devotionals formulaic, so I ventured off on my own and began to read cover-to-cover, over and over. I began to have conversations with God and I would talk to him about stuff going on in my world, based on the insights I gleaned from his word. Later on, I would discover, that what I was doing was called prayer. God’s word did two things for me. It enhanced my intellect and created a deep reservoir of internal peace. I began looking forward to spending time with God. No matter what I was going through, if I could make it to that space where his word was, I would find comfort or a solution.

When I’m unhappy, I ask myself why. Maybe I’m working too hard with little appreciation or result or maybe I’m lonely or horny. Am I spending too much time on social media or am I frustrated by Nigeria or worrying about my health?

Many times, the reason is simple. I have slipped into the habit of taking God for granted, or I have stopped reading my Bible and talking to God. It might be because I no longer stop in the middle of my day to ask him what he’s up to or I am no longer filling my reservoir of peace.

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