Some time ago, I went on a road trip around the southern tip of America with a number of people from around the world. We began in California, driving our way through Nevada and Arizona. The weather forecast indicated warmth. The travel advisory stated we should bring a light jacket. Then, it began to snow.

As we wound up mountain passes in California, it snowed and snowed some more. Then the frigid cold hit. Some of us only had light hoodies for jackets. Others had no trousers.

We stopped by a touristy shop along the way. By the time we had purchased gloves, hats, socks and suitable clothing; we had spent hundreds of Dollars between us.

Today, I thought about businesses who have no plans for opportunities that come by chance. Businesses who don’t record unusual events for future study.

When a stranger who’s never done business with you, suddenly makes a large purchase, take note. Ask questions. Get data that you can use to open up new markets and target new audiences.

For instance, if someone new uses your mechanic workshop out of the blue, could it be that their usual mechanic was out of town? How do you ensure they stay with you? Could it be that they were just passing through your town and your shop was conveniently located? Can you convince them to leave a testimonial on social media? Are they dissatisfied with previous mechanics and so, are trying someone new? Can you make their experience memorable enough for them to return or to refer you to others?

Businesses spend a lot of time and money marketing. When people come to your business without any marketing, pay close attention. Don’t waste the opportunity.

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