There are two women that I admire – Mary of Magdala and the Lady from Samaria. You will find their stories in the biblical books of Mark ch.16 and John ch.4.

In the first story, Mary, a woman with a sordid past, visits Jesus’ tomb to anoint him. She was so devoted, that she wanted to be with and take care of him, in death as well as in life.

Some say it is this same Mary who anointed Jesus with expensive perfume and wiped his feet with her hair. But in that story (Luke 7:37-50), Jesus acknowledges the extreme gratitude and commitment that often accompanies great forgiveness. Her act of service would later be written in the history books forever. At his resurrection, Jesus chose to honor Mary by appearing to her first, ahead of the other disciples.

You Can be Good and Successful

In the movie Black Panther, King T’Chaka says to his son T’Challa, “You are a good man with a good heart. And it is hard for a good man to be king.” That phrase stuck with me. So, in reading Mary’s story, I was touched that she became a historical figure, not by achievement or accomplishment, but through loyalty, service, and love. So, I want to be like Mary and I’d like to be known for those things.

The Samaritan Side of the Story

We turn to the Samaritan woman – 5 times married and presently cohabiting with a 6th man. And on top of that, she was from a deeply despised region – Samaria. Yet, something was fascinating about this lady. She had incredible charisma and credibility despite her past.

I’ve often wondered. How did she convince an entire town? After believing Jesus, despite her baggage, she was able to convince others of her story. And, people took her at her word, without even seeing Jesus first. How did she attain that level of social standing and credibility even though she may have been shamed for her choices? For me, that is the true wonder of the story. I want that kind of people-power. I want to be credible and listened to.

Brokenness Does not Preclude Accomplishment

The Samaritan woman’s story taught me that brokenness does not preclude achievement. There is an authority that defies circumstances. So, if the Samaritan could attain that kind of status, you can too.

Wherever you are reading this from, if you are faithful, loyal, and kind, I pray life plucks you from anonymity or ignominy and rewards you with glory. Your validation may not come from the place where you serve. But, the universe may open up other opportunities elsewhere. A Jew blessed the Samaritan; a Nazarene delivered the woman from Magdala.

Time goes fast. In the year I started my company, Vizient Coop, I just wanted to help the honest & hardworking. But, I knew there was something imbalanced about faithful and loyal people toiling earnestly. Yet, at the end of the day, they didn’t have any significant wealth to show for it. This seemed wrong and I wanted to create pathways to correct the injustice.

I wanted to change things; to help Africans achieve financial independence and to assist Diasporans to break the glass ceiling in their adopted countries, through investing.

The journey has been long and hard. But the tale of these two women and their lessons on devotion, consistency, and significance, convince me it’s worth it and I hope the journey is rewarding for you too.

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