There are different measures of trust. Sometimes, they help you to uncover who your current friends and future business partners are.

There are people you cannot leave alone in a room with your phone, or sit across the table from with an open letter. Their eyes will stray. They are snitches and busybodies who lack discretion. Then there are those you better not leave your purse with. Something will go missing.

There are a few you can trust with your credit card details and the password to your email account. The possibility of them betraying your trust is not even on your radar. They won’t. When the transaction is done, they promptly forget your passwords and never bother to write them down. They understand that the access was for a specific purpose.

Then, there are the rare folks you give full and ongoing access to your life. Even when they don’t ask for information, you volunteer it. They deserve your trust and have a history of bearing your burdens. They are also noble. They don’t retaliate with petty sensitive disclosures in a heated fight.

It is those rare individuals that you should build your business empire around. They have access to your funds and access to information that can destroy you, but they never misuse it. Find ways to include them in your business deals, even if you have to create a special role for them at the table. They have your back and will protect your interests. They are also God’s angels on the battlefield of business.

You should assess whether you inspire the same level of trust. Are you on anyone’s list of trusted friends?

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