The last 2 weeks have been B.U.S.Y! I’ve been shuttling to and fro Abuja, working on-site, while coordinating activities in Lagos via phone and email. I’ve also had a couple of 7-day work weeks. To say the least, sleep has become a lusted after delight that keeps shifting from my grasp.
I always thought that as you become better at what you do and train others, the work load becomes more manageable. I must have been dreaming! It only gets more demanding, sophisticated and intense!

There’ll never be a convenient enough time to take a break, raise a family, get a 2nd degree, execute that personal project or get to know God. Everything has to go on concurrently. You must find time for it all and something has gotta give. I spend less time sleeping, eat on the run (oftentimes substituting lunch for a bottle of coke) and rarely watch TV. I also spend more money – talking to friends on the phone, going to the movies for emergency distressing or sharing drinks with a friend in a beautiful restaurant. I read more to escape the world and get inspired, especially on planes.

Finally, I’m beginning to experience the peace that comes with solitude, (as well as the loneliness). I’m purposeful, my life counts for “something” and I’m happier. I’m giving more too (money) and being there for my friends, while demanding that they’re there for me too – friendship is such a joy.

Life will bring surprises but when they hit, I will be well equipped to meet them. Bring it on, baby!

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