Kindness will make me fall in love, but a sense of purposefulness and a heart after God will keep me there.

My big sister is a really kind, responsible person. She kinda reminds me of my Dad.

My Nokia phone with the numeric keyboard is my handiest tool – it’s my reminder, alarm clock, communicator, diary, notepad, sms machine…

Why must bed sheets have strange flower patterns? They remind me of paramecia, protozoa or amoeba or something…

Books never go out of fashion. Unlike clothes, in 50 years, you can still find a book.

Men try to do what they think women like. Sometimes, we’re quite clueless and it helps to periodically check to see whether we’ve changed our minds about that thing we like.

Anytime I get depressed, I think of all the books I haven’t read, the new music I haven’t heard and the interesting people I haven’t met and I cheer up again.

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