One thing that will serve you well in your career is what I call, talent transmutation. The ability to re-purpose your natural gifts for commercial application. Let me explain.

In my youth, I was a gifted musician. I wrote music and won awards for it. I led two bands. When I started working, I quickly realised that creativity was sector inclusive. It didn’t care what industry you were in. It could be used anywhere. So, here’s what I did. In my first career incarnation as a brand consultant, I wrote songs for clients. I transformed my understanding of rhythm, cadence and harmony into writing. And so, I wrote proposals that had stories and poetry. I also developed presentations that had passion and melody.

In my second career incarnation as a social media strategist, I arranged multi-pronged campaigns like symphonies. And then, in my third career incarnation as an investor, I brought the structure and perfectionism I embraced in music, to investment due diligence and deal management. I deployed the same process I used to teach choirs to investment education.

Everyone has a native gift. You need to step back to assess how you can transmute it into commercial applications. Don’t waste your unique selling proposition.

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