Do not come too close to the people you admire; you will find that they are all too human and less than admirable – especially young entertainment personalities. (Don’t mind me, just reacting to the people i’ve met lately)

It isn’t that God is not in the business of the extraordinary – he can only only make dreams come true through people. Unfortunately there aren’t that many people who are interested in making other people’s dreams come true. Hence, God is left with “managing” those he can find, as best as he can.

No matter how logical you are, without grace and wisdom, someday you will be confronted with a situation where you willingly throw logic outta window & start on a path of destruction. The sad thing is you won’t even be aware of it, you’ll think you’re doing the right thing and only those observing you can tell. Listen to them or you’ll be destroyed. Constantly take stock of your life and allow people to regularly be your mirror. Ask them what they think of you and what you can do better.

Things/people/relationships require attention or else they’ll show signs of neglect and eventually break down. Excellence requires constant supervision and attention to detail. You must be ever vigilant, constantly improving, ever perfecting.

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