This is a follow up to the writeup, Things I Adore ( It was interesting to learn that i dislike far fewer things than i adore :-p

1. Tyranny & oppression
2. Narrow-mindedness
3. Judgmental people
4. Ignorance
5. Intellectual laziness
6. Religiosity
7. Tradition
8. Mediocrity
9. Cheap religious/cultural home decorations
10. Monday mornings
11. Being kept waiting
12. Unseriousness
13. Country music
14. Manipulative bastards
15. Pride (mine and other people’s)
16. Stupidity
17. Child abuse
18. Unfairness
19. Lies & deceit
20. Approximations
21. Chaos & disorder
22. Conflicting signals
23. Being stalked/crowded
24. Indecisiveness
25. Sadness
26. Emptiness
27. Loneliness
28. Putting things off till a more “appropriate” time
29. Quiet, brooding melancholics & inexpressive people
30. Procrastination
31. My inadequacies

7 Thoughts to “Things That Trouble Me”

  1. i can’t believe you HATE/DETEST/DISLIKE/ABHOR … COUNTRY MUSIC … Phew!

    save for this, everything else is (in my opinion)meant to be detested by ant REAL HUMAN BEING …

    My opinion really …

  2. i thought you said 80 things..?

    approximations could be good u know..if it turns out money being paid to you is “rounded up” to the nearest highest figure….lol

  3. i think i will compile my own list….gotta say, i never tot to do say now that i have read ur list i ask myself…why the heck didnt i do this a long time ago…?

    the process of compiling the list i believe will facilitate deep thinking and help one to …cut the crap and live real…


  4. babes…i hope all is well oo..u’ve been gone for a while.. belated holiday wishes dearie..looking forward to more write-ups:)

  5. 32 Smelly people
    33 People who say “Sturvs” “Can i be on to” and “Say me well to…”

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