Dear churchgoing women of the world, as I drove to the arena of communal worship this morning, I felt a deep desire to share some thoughts with you. You see, I recognise your predicament. You rarely go out. Besides weddings, you’ve chosen not to go to clubs, shows or gatherings of questionable provenance. So essentially, you live a 3-coordinate life: home, work and church.

The problem is, how do you then express your love for fashion & shopping and the overflow of clothing it yields? What do you do with your “bottom box” – the best of the best? There are only so many weddings that take place in a year. So, in a light bulb moment you discovered you could wear these sartorial delights to church. But…there’s a problem. A problem of context.

That plunging ephemeral lace gown you bought in London last summer would have been absolutely gorgeous at the just concluded African Magic Movie Awards. But not in church. That sexy figure hugging leopard print skirt will ensure you skip the waiting line at the most exclusive clubs. But you might want to reconsider wearing it to Praise Sunday.

Now God doesn’t mind, really. He’s not as concerned about fashion as he is about your heart. And he’s a great believer in people coming as they are. But remember what people said about that entertainer’s unfortunate fashion statement at the Presidential dinner? It’s not what you wear; it’s where you wear it to!

Here’s my advice. You need to wear those clothes. You paid for them. So bring out everything, including your bottom box. Now, whip out your diary. You are going out with a vengeance this year! EVERYTHING must be worn! In your calendar, pencil in dinner dates, brunches, beach outings, product launches, comedy shows, live music nights at the neighbourhood lounge and so on. You don’t need to sit in the smoking section or consume alcohol if you don’t want to. Coca Cola will do. Remember the idea is to vent your pent up fashion expression.

Don’t be shy about inviting someone to accompany you either – your girlfriend, male friend, husband etc. They would be pleased to see you looking fabulous. Go forth and rock those clothes with confidence and joy. You’ve earned it!

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