I run a retail store. It is the only premises I have and the only location where customers can purchase my products.

One day, I notice a leak in my store and invite a plumber to do an assessment. He tells me the repairs will take two weeks and that I can still operate my business while they are going on. I believe him and pay upfront for the repairs.

One week later, during the repairs, I suddenly find my store flooded and locked up. I begin to lose revenue as customers can no longer access my products. I try reaching the plumber to find out what happened, as this is not what he promised. Unfortunately, he is missing in action. When I finally reach him, he explains that something unexpected happened but he is trying to fix the problem. He never informed me and so, I couldn’t manage my customers’ expectations.

The plumber has no understanding of what he has cost my business in financial terms.

This story is a simple illustration of what happens when your website goes down and your developer thinks it’s “just a technical problem”.

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